WordPress hacked!

Well it didn’t take long for my WordPress install to get hacked, three months! Despite the fact I was using no plugins and was up to date… my WordPress dashboard was missing its CSS, and when I looked at the php that was generating the CSS, it seemed to be eval’ing some alarming looking oct code. As was every single other php file in the directory. Boooooooourns.

Only took me… two hours to reinstall, restore my backups, and generally feel happy I don’t normally do web development. If someone hacks my game… well they just earn bad karma. :D

I also completely forgot what blog post I had in mind to write when I went to the dashboard. Hopefully it’ll return soon!

2 thoughts on “WordPress hacked!

  1. Shocking! But glad you worked things out.

    What was the result of being hacked anyway? I mean, what would the hack ‘do’?
    Compromise the site? Steal your stuff? Spy on you?

  2. I didn’t spend too long looking through it, but it seems like it was primarily concerned with spreading itself to all files it could and redirecting links to some presumably nefarious sites. The obvious badness I can think of would be it would easily be able to steal passwords any ‘users’ entered in, so definitely a bit alarming!

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