Poking around Unity

Unity seems to be the hot new thing these days and for good reason! I haven’t played with it too much, but it seems to be a nice friendly cross-platform way to get a game up and running. It purrs like a kitten on my PC, and doesn’t do too shabbily on my 3 year old laptop, so it certainly seems to cover its bases!

Unfortunately the current version doesn’t let you run with XCode 4.3.1, it seems something in iOS 5.1 has broken the check they’ve added to make sure you use their shiny Unity logo, and their only advice is to download an old version. That was going to be the end of my playing with it until I noticed the callstack. There’s a function called VerifyiPhoneSplashScreen. Takes a string, no return value. So I made a function named VerifyiPhoneSplashScreen that takes a string and immediately returns. Allowed multiply defined symbols… annnnnnnd it works just fine.

Don’t change the image though, I like Unity and feel like they deserve the marketing. :)

2 thoughts on “Poking around Unity

  1. Hello,
    can you please give me the file for the problem as you described it here? Have some trouble to test my game.

    Thx Boris

  2. Hi Boris!
    There’s not really a file to speak of, I just added the function and then added the “-z muldefs” flag in Xcode so the linker would not complain.
    I would however recommend upgrading your version of Unity if you’re running into this problem as they have since fixed it.
    Good luck!

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