Parsec Privacy mode has encountered a display error

“Privacy mode has encountered a display error and is inactive. Try reconnecting, otherwise contact us if this message persists.”

Hey, you! Or few-weeks-ago-me! Are you using Parsec and are plagued with the red privacy mode icon? Does privacy mode look like it’s not even enabled?

That means your Parsec configuration file has some leftover configuration, possibly from a different login or SAML login. Open your host configuration file from the settings and add # before any lines you see about virtual displays and privacy mode (this disables those lines), save the file, restart Parsec on the host and… you should be safe from this red-eyed peril.

This blog post brought to you by:

  • my being ever so mildly annoyed looking at that eye for weeks before deciding to actually investigate and fix it because nothing was coming up when I googled for it
  • the letter M

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