Updating to iOS 5.1

I had a brief lapse in judgement recently and decided to update my phone to iOS 5.1. Of course I can’t use my current version of XCode with iOS 5.1, and I also can’t use the new version of XCode with OS X Snow Leopard. I should mention I have no intention of using any iOS 5.1 features.

Anyways, a few hours later! Paid $30 for Lion. Install it and my shiny new XCode from the App Store. Recompile game. Game instantly dies on mysterious “could not find partial die in cache” error in the debugger. Go through recompiling all intermediate libraries I have source code for. Same error. Clean/repeat. Same error. Ignore problems. Finally notice XCode is downloading iOS 5.1 development libraries in the background (!), no idea when it started or what it’s doing.

Wait for it to complete, full recompile… and it works. But it was actually days between when I got XCode and I noticed this download bar, so who knows. But if anyone googles that like I did… make sure you have the development libs installed that you think you do. The other Google results are way more alarming… :)

WordPress hacked!

Well it didn’t take long for my WordPress install to get hacked, three months! Despite the fact I was using no plugins and was up to date… my WordPress dashboard was missing its CSS, and when I looked at the php that was generating the CSS, it seemed to be eval’ing some alarming looking oct code. As was every single other php file in the directory. Boooooooourns.

Only took me… two hours to reinstall, restore my backups, and generally feel happy I don’t normally do web development. If someone hacks my game… well they just earn bad karma. :D

I also completely forgot what blog post I had in mind to write when I went to the dashboard. Hopefully it’ll return soon!