Here we go!

Mmm… a blog!

I haven’t had a website to actually write on for awhile. I’ve gotten lazy in my old age… my first website was back in junior high and it remained updated for nearly a month I think. Ahhhh the good old days, when under-construction gifs littered abandoned websites instead of comment spam.

However in a stunning blow to nostalgia, the days today seem pretty good! I woke up at the mostly respectable time of 11 AM and ate my shreddies on the stairs in the backyard. I have already beaten the internet at least twice today, so I’m ahead of schedule. And I’m finally writing this first blog post, which has been on my todo list for a week now.

So! What’s this blog going to be? Well the plan as it stands is for it to be where I share news about the project I’m working on. I quit my job of five years at EA Montreal in June, wandered around Europe for a month or two, and am now happily plugging away on a game of my own. I won’t go into it in this first post, but the goal is to put something I’m proud of out on the App Store; sooner rather than later. Maybe it will make money, maybe it won’t, but I’ve already learned a lot and am generally having fun doing it.

I’ll either run out of money or get bored. We’ll see which happens first… :)